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Recordings of the Sun, October 2016

Recordings of the Sun

October 2016. It’s a tiny ski movie, watch it if you like tiny ski movies. Recordings of the Sun was my winter 2016 project, which we filmed in Colorado, Utah, California, and Oregon. See full credits below. 

recordings of the swan

September 2016. Recordings of the Swan is a standalone re-edit of all of Ethan Swadburg’s shot from the 2016 season.

Music is
Desert Raven by Jonathan Wilson


Ski Kiddos Ethan Swadburg, Miguel Porteous, Dane Kirk, Scott Nelson, Cody Wilder Ray, Nico Porteous, Reed Lewis, Calvin Barrett, Alex Hackel, Tim Ryan, Levi Ascher, Kai George, Clay Bryant, Tyler Mega, John Brown, Colby Stevenson, Alex Hall, Jonah Williams

Movie Guy Gavin Rudy

Extra Movie Guys Jacob Callaghan, Andrew Mildenberger, Evan Heath, Ryan Braun, Nick Broms, Oliver Hoblitzelle, The Crew

A Round of Applause For Rick, Annie, and Geneva Ascher, Jay Badgley, Eric Fisher, Emily Tidwell, Aaron Hunter, Gabe Taube, Brendon Gesior, Ben Smith, Cottie Gorham, Chris Porteous, Spencer Harkins, Grace Frank, Patrick Moore, Jimbo Morgan, Garrett Balen, Dog, Mom, Dad, and Delaney

Oscar Nominees Explorer Guy - Brennan Scott-Williams, Ollie McQueen - Ethan Swadburg, No Context Bed Sheet Clad Evil Villain - Levi Ascher

Sounds Tor - Myth, SBTRKT - Higher ft. Raury, Ann Peebles - Trouble, Heartaches, and Sadness, Beach House - Days of Candy

Storyline Sounds Kevin MacLeod - Oppressive Doom; Devastation and Revenge

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