Ski Lines Cover.jpg

ski lines, March 2019

ski lines

Over the course of a couple months in fall 2018 I created a handful of digitally traced animations from shots by myself and Alex Havey. I finalized the video in February 2019 with the charcoal/paper intro animation. Inspiration from Max Moffatt and Pepe Gay and The Avalanches.

Skiers (in order)
Scott Nelson
Colby Stevenson (2)
Knut Fineid & Levi Ascher
Jonah Elston, Knut Fineid, Jonah Williams
Alex Hall
Hunter Hess
Oystein Braten, Cody Ray, Dane Kirk, Colby Stevenson
Ethan Swadburg

Music is The Wozard of Iz by The Avalanches