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The Golden Age, November 2015

 The golden Age

The Golden Age is the story of six Summit County skiers, told through a grandfather's memories some years in the future.

Filmed in Colorado and Oregon during the 2015-2016 winter and summer seasons.

Directed, Written, Filmed, Edited by Gavin Rudy

Skiing by Ethan Swadburg, Noah Wallace, Cody Cirillo, Levi Ascher, Kai George, Mark Nowakiwsky

Thanks to Cole Alexander, Weston Mauz, Eric Fisher, Christian Shackelford, Jay Badgley, Doug Bishop, Cody Ray, Clay Bryant, Andrea Shand, Jack Shand, Bob French, Andrew Karoly, Nathan Cairns, Brendan Gesior, The Aschers, The Swadburgs, The Georges, Mom, Dad, Delaney Rudy, Dan Brown, Chris Krance, Topher Plimpton, Rick Ascher, Roy Tuscany, Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson, Jim Borchardt, Mike Waesche